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From Our Pastors:
Senior Pastor G. Darryl Smith

The LORD has called me and my wife, Marjorie, to Pastor and teach together in the Orlando metro area. In August 2003, He began to give me the vision to plant and pastor a non-denominational, multicultural teaching and outreach ministry focusing on Christ’s example of faith, agape love, integrity, truth, and hope (FAITH).  He gave me the ministry name "Spirit of Faith" and 7 more years of preparation to develop the passion to teach and minister the full Gospel – the uncompromised Word of God.  My desire and charge as a Pastor is to lead the partners of this church in such a way that other people will be able to see evidence of the truth of God's Word in and through our lives.  If we are going to reach the lost and disciple others like never before, it is imperative that they see the Spirit of Faith and evidence of the truth of God's Word operating in our lives – this is my desire!

Executive Pastor Marjorie A. Smith

I wholeheartedly come alongside my husband and Pastor to support and assist him as we minister to the people of Orlando.  My mandate and heart's desire is to empower and encourage women to become all that God has called them to be so they will experience God's best for their lives.  I also focus on health and wellness and believe that it is God’s desire for His people to prosper and be in health in every area of life.  The goal is to live and exemplify a lifestyle of total prosperity...the God kind of life.  We are a strong family, and we are excited about the love of God!


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